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Everything you want to know about online earnings on crypto: the opinion of CryptoKG experts

by Eunice Pope

How to make a profit on cryptocurrencies? Where to find reliable sites that pay? 

The most popular questions of Internet users about online earning were answered by CryptoKG cryptocurrency exchange experts.

CryptoKG is an innovative licensed platform for exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Its services are used by crypto traders from 140 countries. The company has made the cryptocurrency market accessible to both professionals and beginners. 

Question: What is the fastest way to make money online: mining or cryptocurrency trading?

CryptoKG’s answer:

At the beginning of the cryptocurrency era, mining was a profitable way to get income. But now mining requires expensive equipment, and the expenses to buy it may not pay for themselves. If you want easy, fast money from home, get into the business of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Coins change all the time, and you can profit from the difference in value.

There are about 100 cryptocurrency pairs available to you at CryptoKG online platform. There are both the most well-known coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, XPR and others) and promising tokens that are showing the best growth rates. Track price dynamics in the platform and make profitable deals with a single click.

Question: Where can I find sites that pay? Which crypto exchange is the most reliable?

CryptoKG’s answer:

Signs of a reliable exchange:

  1. License availability
  2. Protection of users’ wallets
  3. No hidden fees

CryptoKG complies with all these points. The company has all registration documents and operates under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Users wallets are highly protected from hacking thanks to innovative technologies, and all users have to pass obligatory verification. We don’t take any additional commissions when exchanging, depositing and withdrawing funds – trade confidently and profitably.

Question: Where is the optimal place to exchange cryptocurrency?

Choose a licensed exchanger such as CryptoKG. With us you can exchange dollars and euros to Bitcoin and USDT in 5 minutes. This is very convenient because you do not need to look for a separate exchanger: right after the exchange you can start earning on cryptocurrency in our platform.

CryptoKG’s answer:

It all depends on your capabilities and financial goals. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency seriously, you will need capital of $100,000 and more. In our company with such deposit you can open VIP account and get all advantages of VIP clients:

  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Personal expert consultations
  • Analysis of your transactions
  • Accumulation percentage 2% on your account balance

If you are just learning crypto-trading, you can start with a minimum capital of $500. This is a Silver account where you will have everything you need to make money + daily analytics. 

In total we have 6 types of trading accounts for online earning. 

In addition, in CryptoKG margin trading is available – leverage to increase the volume of transactions without additional investment (at the expense of the exchange). It will help to earn many times more.

Question: what does the price of cryptocurrencies depend on, how can I make money on it?

CryptoKG’s answer:

Cryptocurrency prices, like the prices of other market assets, depend on supply and demand. In order to understand whether a cryptocurrency will rise or fall, you need a technical analysis of the market. CryptoKG platform has the most popular technical indicators that will help to determine the market trend and in time to open a buy or sell deal.

Don’t know how to analyze the market? We provide clients with ready-made analytics, as well as trading signals and even trading robots for automatic trading.

Question: How to reduce risks in cryptocurrency trading?

CryptoKG’s answer:

The best way to protect capital is to diversify risks by investing in different assets. There are over 300 marketable assets available in the CryptoKG platform. And it’s not just cryptocurrencies!

With us, you can buy and sell tokenized assets for gold, stock indices, stocks, oil, and more. In one platform you can buy both Bitcoin and Facebook shares in digital form.

Use the market opportunities to the maximum – build a balanced investment portfolio. If you see that the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market do not meet your expectations, trade the stock market or commodities to be in profit. And get easy fast money from home.

Want to start earning on the cryptocurrency market with CryptoKG? Register with this link.

Eunice Pope

I’m a Crypto author and I have written for many publications. I have a passion for the industry and enjoy writing about all things related to crypto. In my spare time, I like to read and enhance my knowledge as much as I can about the latest developments in space.

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