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In 2021, blockchain-based Game Battle-to-earn (B2E) has had a breakout year, and as the crypto ecosystem grows into 2022, the B2E gaming sector and those investing in it will need must consider what is the next trend. During a bull market, bears, speculation and euphoria can lead to unrealistic valuations and expectations, which also seems to have impacted the B2E sector.
Now, the “fever” of the NFT Game is “over”, so how does the Summon Hero book function bring growth potentials in the upcoming period and stimulate the passion of conquest of real investors?

DeFi combines with NFT Gaming and B2E

The DeFi trend in association with NFT gaming and B2E is the development of investment projects and funds that aim to combine aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT Gaming, and B2E.
While the gaming sector only appeals to a small group, the NFT has many possibilities that can be applied to a variety of fields, from art to real estate by providing ownership.

As blockchain technology continues to be put into practice, an increasing number of real-world products will be captured using NFT techniques, providing investors with an easier investment path compared to the present.
Hero Book is not only a survival video game, but it is also a powerful platform connecting smart investors, connecting cryptocurrency with gamers. All of these things have created a strong ecosystem, sustainable development, and a healthy development community where everyone can create value for themselves.
With an open mind, the Hero Book ecosystem is constantly expanding to connect and NFT traditional games. Along with that is a strategic vision when in the future, the Hero Book team will combine the Hero Book ecosystem with the decentralized game, decentralized finance and other ecosystems to increase the value of token liquidity to form an ecosystem strong financial position.

What is Summon HeroBook function?

Summon HeroBook Overview
Currently, the HeroBook ecosystem has 20 characters that will be divided into 5 different rarity levels. When opening the Hero Box, you will receive 1 random character of 1 of 5 rarity.
The rarity of the character will directly affect the value of the character when trading and fighting. Players can use low rarity heroes to combine into higher rarity heroes. Depending on the number of heroes used to upgrade, the success rate will be different.
In case the upgrade fails, there will be 1 random hero left among the heroes participating in the upgrade. The remaining heroes will be Burn.
Hero will need to rest for 1 week among summons. During the lock period, the hero will not be able to participate in the Battle at HeroBook. But can still participate in Farming in HeroLand.
Specifically, the Hero participating in the Summon function has a locked time as follows:

Profit growth potential

First, to participate in the Summon process, you must use the HBG Token purchased through the Token issuance or on Pancakeswap to buy the first 2 Hero boxes with the price from 250 HBG/Box (minimum 2 boxes – 500 HBG)
Then activate the box to create a Hero. Use Hero to participate in Battle to Earn, Farm to Earn or Summon to Earn activities.
Next you use 2 Heroes of the same rarity and a corresponding amount of Heronium costing from 25,000 Heronium (equivalent to 250 HBG) to start the Summoning process.
With Harvesting Hero Boxes in Summon stages you can:
⦁ Sell Hero Box to other players on Marketplace to increase profits.
⦁ Players can use their own smart financial management ability to consider selling Box or activating Box to generate higher income.
Example Profit problem
Simulation at Silver Box level

Simulation at Diamond Box level

⦁ Only Hero Boxes of the same rarity can participate in this function
⦁ Depending on the rarity of the Hero Box, the amount of Hero will be different

Why Own NFT HeroBook Characters?

Diverse ecosystem: one NFT hero can join all the games in the HBG ecosystem and get profit.
The demand is growing: more and more people are joining the project leading to the need to own the hero and the price is increasing.
Limited number of heroes: initially only 100,000 heroes were released through INO, players needed to create new heroes through summoning thus creating a scarcity in the hero release in the market.
Apply the advantages of NFT: Transparency, convenience, imperviousness and high ownership.
Low starting price: At INO, the price of each character starts from only $10 (according to the exchange rate at TGE). So the chance of X many times the account will be very large.
NFT Burning Mechanism: the hero rarity upgrade mechanism by combining heroes and the character lifespan mechanism ensures that the NFT is burned continuously and without inflation.

Possible reasons why you want to invest in HeroBook

Hero book offers a combination of Free Play and Battle to earn new models in the NFT Gaming industry.
A diverse community where players will interact with other players with attractive graphics and the opportunity to earn big profits.
The value of NFT characters in Hero Book is created by the player’s skill and tactics. Therefore, the game always ensures fairness and carries a very high value.
The game offers high security and players can not worry about property theft.
NFT items and collectibles that the player owns can be traded on the market for different values depending on the rarity, equipment, and level of the character.
The strength of any project is reflected in what they are giving back to the community. HeroBook project team with the desire to bring value not only entertainment but also EARN “terrible” income from the wisdom and efforts of investors.
In addition to providing high-level security, transparency and interesting gameplay, Hero team also launched many event programs and airdrops with attractive rewards for the first investors to join and conquer.
Take a look at video How to buy Box and Hero with HeroBook:
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